Why is the protein container not completely full?

In order for the protein powder not to clump during shipping and storage, we have opted to make our protein container larger. The extra space in the container prevents clumping and increases the protein shelf life.

I am missing an item, what can I do?

All orders are meticulously packaged by a very small staff.  We work very hard to assure 100% accuracy in every order.  Your order should have the included contents written on the shipping label for accuracy.  If your shipping label is signed that means two staff members verified the order was correct before sealing the package.  If you are missing an item please send a photo of what you received, the packaging and a photo of your unsigned shipping label for assistance.  We must have full photos of the items and the shipping label in order to verify any issues.  Thank you.

What is your Return/Cancellation Policy?

We do not offer refunds, we offer exchanges for store credit within 14 days of receiving the product minus any shipping fees. It must be unopened, undamaged and unused. (Even though the product is unused it will be disposed of.)  If you would like to cancel an order, we will cancel for store credit only, as long as the shipping label has not yet been created.  

You can not return mystery items or clearence, they are final sale. 

I forgot to put in a discount code

It is the customers responsibility to add the desired code while checking out. If a customer forgets we will offer a one time Gift Card(at our discretion up to 20%) of the allotted amount. We will not refund back to their bank. (Do Not place a second order with the discount code)

What is the Processing Time?

Our average processing time is 1-5 business days via USPS. Processing time can be longer for specific items. Please note during the holiday season(Nov 10th - Jan 10th) additional processing time is needed(up to 3 weeks).  This can be longer currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We work hard to ship as quickly as possible while maintaining the safety of our customers and staff.

I put the wrong address and the package has shipped what can i do?

Sadly, if you provided an incorrect address/ incomplete/ or moved since placing order we will not take responsibility for shipping costs. A new product can be shipped after reshipping costs have been paid for. You can contact USPS and see if they can re route your package.

Need Further Assistance?

Please email us at popin.peach@gmail.com with your questions and concerns so we may assist you. Our customer service team is small, therefore, please refrain from emailing unless your order is 2 weeks old or more.  Please do not send multiple emails daily as this can cause your email to be marked as spam and we will not see it. Every email we receive takes time away from us getting amazing products sent out and sending multiple emails will slow our response time down. Thank you for understanding!

Any questions on promoting with us please email us at popin.peach@gmail.com.